The tipping point – consider what 5G can do for your business

5G is set to reshape the way that we live and work and it will be a gradual process. Now is the best time for leaders across all sectors to think about how to harness this powerful technology, and to pick the right partners with the right understanding to ensure that projects are successful.

Businesses that have taken this considered approach to these technologies are already seeing benefits. A recent Vodafone Business project in Germany is a clear example of this.

Working with e.GO Mobile AG, a manufacturer of electric vehicles, we were able to dedicate a slice of spectrum – the radio frequencies that mobile networks use – for the factory alone.

What does that mean in practice? Now, machines in the factory have a private mobile network to communicate over rather than Wi-Fi, ensuring that critical processes aren’t interrupted. Workers can gather and analyse data, making faster, better decisions, and autonomous vehicles can move components safely around the production line.

Together with other advancements, these add up to better security, adaptability and efficiency. In essence, e.GO has been able to create an Industry 4.0 factory.

A catalyst for change across all industries
5G will be equally transformative for other sectors. Think remotely controlled farm equipment, self-driving cars and smart grids that connect hard-to-reach wind turbines. The challenge is getting to this future.

The sci-fi style transformations that 5G technology promises can seem overwhelming. Right now the priority for business leaders should be understanding what is hype and what is real, competitors and their progress, and what 5G can do to help meet business goals.

That’s why it’s important that industry works with expert partners to make use of 5G spectrum.

As a business leader you have the experience to know the challenges that you face, and where you want your organisation to be in five years. We know the questions that networks can help to answer, and can draw on work across sectors and verticals to provide the best result. Working together, we can turn that sci-fi dream into reality.

If you’re interested in learning more about our views on 5G spectrum and policy, you can read my colleague Joakim Reiter’s blog and our full report on 5G, government and business

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